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White Tiger Kung Fu History
A family Tradition since 1644

For thousands of years the Chinese people have used their own systems of healing for maintaining good health. Many of the ancient Chinese healing practices were forgotten over time or lost during the Chinese cultural revolution.

The one and only Sixth Generation Grandmaster Doo Wai of the Family Inherited Bak Fu Pai (White Tiger System) of Southern Chinese Kung Fu is able to bring you rare knowledge that has been passed from generation to generation within his family since 1644 A.D.

Late in the 17th century the lives of Fung Do Duk and Doo Tin Yin would cross paths bringing together two vast bodies of knowledge of healing and martial arts of ancient China.

Who were these men? What knowledge did they hold?

Fung Do Duk was a high ranking teacher in the Shil Lum Temple located in the Fukien Province of China.

(Fung Do Duk was NOT an abbot of the Shil Lum temple as some are claiming.)

After the well known escape of Fung Do Duk from the burning and total destruction of the Fukien Shil Lum Temple, Fung Do Duk broke his ties from Shil Lum in order to remain hidden from the Qing Emperor and the bounty that was placed on his head.

Doo Tin Yin, at that time, was the sole holder of the Doo family's healing art, developed over 3000 years from the very roots of ancient Chinese folk culture to the Emperorís court as his personal physician, thus representing a vast wealth of ancient healing knowledge. Doo Tin Yin gave Fung Do Duk refuge in his home from capture and execution and risked his life and his family's life in doing so. In exchange for his life and freedom, Fung Do Duk passed his knowledge to Doo Tin Yin as the 1st generation Doo family inherited grandmaster of the White Tiger Kung Fu system of martial arts. If Fung Doe Duk had been captured by the Qing Emperor, there would be no White Tiger Kung Fu today.

Because of Doo Tin Yin's great influence as a very high ranking official, he was able to arrange the admittance of Fung Do Duk into the Oímie Mountain Daoist's temples in the Sichuan Province of China. Here Fung Do Duk gained a vast wealth of knowledge about ancient Daoist internal arts, healing and self preservation. As a Daoist monk, Fung Do Duk traveled for many years throughout remote China mastering and collecting fighting and healing skills from numerous tribes and villages. Fung Do Duk combined and perfected this collected knowledge to create his awesome ultra-internal system of kung fu called White Tiger.

The Five That Escaped Shil Lum.
Fung Do Duk - developed White Tiger Kung Fu.
Bak Mei - developed White Eye Brow Kung Fu.
Jee Shin Shim Shee - kept the Northern Shil Lum Kung Fu Traditions.
Mew Hing - developed 108 Dragon Palms Kung Fu.
Ng Mui - developed Plum Flower Fist Kung Fu.

In the 1970's Grandmaster Doo Wai decided to make his family inherited White Tiger Kung Fu art available to the public for the first time since the 17th century!

Sixth generation Grandmaster Doo Wai now offers to the public Precious Healing and Martial Arts Knowledge to generate and increase your quality of life and kung fu skills.  White Tiger Kung Fu is also very much an approach to healing and preservation involving herbal nutrition and internal energy cultivation that the Daoist were so famous for!





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